A Bed Bug Outbreak At A Disneyland Hotel Landed A Guest In The Hospital And The Hotel Is Now Facing A Lawsuit

A Bed Bug Outbreak At A Disneyland Hotel Landed A Guest In The Hospital And The Hotel Is Now Facing A Lawsuit

The widespread enthusiasm over everything Disney-related will not end anytime soon. For decades, people from all over the world have traveled to southern California in order to visit the beloved Disneyland adventure park. Disneyland visitors can expect to be greeted by every Disney character that exists, including everybody’s favorite rodent, Mickey Mouse. However, nobody expects to be bombarded with bed bugs while visiting Disneyland, but this is exactly what happened to one woman while she was staying at the Disneyland Hotel.

Earlier this year in April, a long-time Disney fan, Ivy Eldridge, finally realized her dream of staying in Anaheim’s Disneyland Hotel while visiting the adventure park. Unfortunately, Eldridge fell victim to bed bugs while staying within the celebrated hotel. The bed bug injuries that Eldridge sustained were far from being trivial, as she had swollen bites located all over her body. Eldridge has filed a lawsuit claiming emotional and physical damages as a result of staying within the hotel resort.

According to Eldridge and her attorneys, she woke up one morning in her room to find her body covered in bed bug bites. These bites were serious enough to require medical attention, and Eldridge has a plethora of photographs to backup her claim. Ms. Eldridge’s lawyer is the famed Brian Virag of the legal firm known as My Bed Bug Lawyer Inc. Virag is becoming well known for successfully defending victims of bed bug infestations. Now Virag has filed a lawsuit on Eldridge’s behalf against Walt Disney Co., Disney Parks and Resorts, and the Disneyland Hotel.

The lawsuit describes the seriousness of the bites that Eldridge had sustained on her face, ears, neck, arms, and back. The lawsuit is also claiming that Disneyland was aware of the bed bug infestation but did nothing to eradicate the pests. A Disneyland spokesperson refused to comment on the lawsuit specifically, but she did say that Disneyland officials made every attempt to remove the insect pests from the hotel.

Do you believe that some people may exaggerate their bed bug injuries in order to win large sums of money through lawsuits?