A Family Became Speechless After Finding Three Raccoons In Their Home After The Animals Crashed Through Their Ceiling 

Raccoons may be cute, but they can do more than simply spread trash around your lawn while scavenging during the late night hours. Of course, raccoons are well known for seeking shelter within uninhabited areas of a home, such as beneath decks, in garages and in crawl spaces. It is not uncommon for raccoons to inflict damage to homes and property while nesting and scavenging. However, the early summer season in Texas last year saw several incidents involving raccoons inflicting a significant amount of damage to homes that cost residents thousands of dollars to repair. More than one incident in the state during 2018 had raccoons breaking through the roofs of houses. In one case, a family was shocked upon finding three raccoons in their home that had fallen through their ceiling and onto their living room floor.

Fernanda Gonzales of Arlington had complained to her landlord about loud banging noises that seemed to be coming from the roof of her apartment unit. Unfortunately, the apartment manager failed to take action in the matter, as he dismissed the noises as being caused by harmless squirrels. However, upon returning home with her family on a Sunday night, Gonzales was startled upon finding three raccoons within her apartment unit. Gonzales also could not help but to notice a fairly large hole on her ceiling that led outside. Gonzalez quickly realized that her apartment manager was wrong about his “squirrel theory.” Understandably, an angry Gonzalez took photos of the damage before posting them to Facebook with some choice words for her apartment manager. Gonzalez specifically reached out for legal help concerning her apartment manager’s refusal to take her concerns over the safety of her family seriously. Gonzalez was particularly upset due to the fact that she had a baby at home that she was determined to keep safe from unwanted outside visitors. The raccoons were later released safely into the wild by police officers.

Have you ever heard of a raccoon inflicting extensive structural damages to a home?


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