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A Professional Race Car Driver Survives a Killer Bee Attack For the Second Time

NASCAR fans are probably familiar with the retired race car driver named A.J. Foyt. Foyt is considered by many to be the greatest race car driver of all time, as he won the Indianapolis 500 four times, as well as many other racing championships. Although Foyt’s profession has brought him close to death on multiple occasions, he considers the killer bee attack that he suffered last spring to be the most terrifying and dangerous of all his experiences, and this is really saying something considering that he is currently 83 years old.Amazingly, this recent killer bee attack is the second one that he has survived, as he was attacked by killer bees back in 2005 as well.

Both of Foyt’s two near-death experiences with killer bees occurred in similar circumstances. In each case, Foyt had been operating a bulldozer on hisTexas ranch, but his most recent run in with killer bees occurred as a result of bumping his bulldozer into a hive that was obscured within a tree’s foliage.According to Foyt, the bees suddenly appeared like a big cloud, and they did not hesitate to attack. Once Foyt became aware of the bees’ presence, he too koff running from his tractor and toward a nearby swamp located on his property.Unfortunately, Foyt did not make it to the swamp, as he tripped and fell on the ground while running toward the small body of water. The very second Foyt hit the ground, the killer bees blanketed his entire body, stinging him numerous times. Foyt managed to get back up in order to make another run for the swamp, but the bees immobilized him with their stings before he could reach the water.It was at this point that Foyt became convinced that he was going to die, as numerous bees had been stinging him on every area of his body. Foyt remained immobile, hoping the bees would fly away, and to his astonishment, they did.Incredibly, Foyt survived, but a whopping 162 bee stingers were pulled from his excessively swollen skin.

Have you ever been forced to find refuge in a body of water in response to being pursued by stinging insects?

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