A Raccoon Infestation In A Run-Down Home in Texas Caused The Critters To Invade Neighboring Yards

Raccoons, opossums, rats and other critters are by no means rare in residential areas of Texas. This is especially true in Houston where the large and dense population attracts raccoons looking for human food sources and warm shelter during the winter months. As far as a raccoon is concerned, an abandoned home is the ideal winter shelter, as such a location is free of humans while also being located in close proximity to nearby houses where food can easily be accessed in garbage bins. Unfortunately for residents of a neighborhood in Houston, this precise scenario became a living nightmare.

Not long ago, residents of a Third Ward neighborhood were hassled by raccoons that made a home out of a run-down and abandoned house located within their usually peaceful residential enclave. Abandoned properties are a hotspot for pests like this because they provide easy entry and shelter. And properties like this usually only get worse as those who own the house don’t want to do any work in order to be able to sell it on. Luckily, there are companies like Ben Buys Indy Houses who are willing to buy properties in any condition and will then do all the repairs and fixes the previous owner didn’t have time or couldn’t be bothered to do. But for now, this property still laid abandoned with a bad case of pests that affected the neighbors.

The abandoned home, which is located near Texas Southern University, was infested with raccoons, bugs and even opossums. Initially, the home seemed to be infested with a few raccoons that did not cause problems for neighbors, but eventually, the house became infested with numerous raccoons and opossums, as the house was clearly a popular party spot for local wildlife. Once this large-scale infestation emerged, it was not long before the animals, mostly raccoons, started to invade neighboring lawns. Apparently, this infestation had been growing within the dilapidated home for several years, as one resident claimed that she began experiencing raccoon problems on her own property not long after moving into her home nine years ago. The infested property, and the hassle it caused for neighbors, soon made the local news. Reporters working for the news station managed to contact the owner of the problem home. The owner claimed that he had been planning on demolishing his house, which came as welcome news to the long aggrieved neighbors. However, it is unknown as to whether or not the owner made good on his claim.

Have you ever fallen victim to a wildlife infestation caused by the habits of a neighbor?

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