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Everything Homeowners Should Know About Potentially Dangerous Yellow Jackets, Hornets And Paper Wasps That Are Known To Nest On Central Texas Properties

Vespula squamosa, or the “southern yellow jacket,” is one of the most prevalent stinging insect species found in central Texas, and they are well known for establishing both aerial and ground nests on urban and suburban properties. In addition to the southern yellow jacket, the “eastern yellow jacket” (V. maculifrons), and the “bald-faced hornet” (Dolichovespula […]

Why The Kitchen Is The Worst Indoor Area To Find Cockroach Pests, And Where In Kitchens Roaches Typically Hide

Insect pest infestations can occur in just about any indoor location including basements, attics, wall voids, and even the top floors of high-rise buildings. Both pest control professionals and homeowners alike largely agree that kitchens and food storage areas are the worst rooms possible for an insect pest infestation to take form. This is because […]

Indoor Bed Bug Odors Can Linger After Infestations Are Eliminated

Much like cockroaches, stink bugs, and odorous house ants, bed bugs have long been associated with a particular odor, and not a pleasant one according to most reports. Considering that a nationwide bed bug epidemic has been raging throughout the US for around two decades, there probably isn’t a pest control professional in the country […]

Do Spiders Use Their Fangs To Sting Or Bite?

More than 35,000 spider species have been documented worldwide, and only around 3,000 spider species are known to inhabit North America. Surprisingly, the majority of known spider species possess fangs that are too small to inflict penetrative bites on human skin, and the minority of spider species that have been known to bite humans are […]

Which Types Of Homes And Surrounding Property Conditions Are Brown Recluse Infestations Most Frequently Found, And Why?

While spiders are commonly regarded as undesirable houseguests, the vast majority of spiders found within homes are not considered medically or structurally harmful pests. This is not to say that pest control professionals avoid addressing spider issues within homes. For example, the three most commonly managed spiders within US homes, wolf spiders, American house spiders […]

Which Ant Pest Species In Texas Infest And Damage Electrical Devices In Homes, And What Are The Consequences Of Such Damage?

Ants are the most frequently encountered insects in both outdoor and indoor environments, and some species are stubborn pests of homes that can be a struggle to control. More than 1,000 ant species have been documented as inhabiting the US, but most of these species remain outdoors and are not accustomed to living in close […]