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Pest Control Professionals In Texas Are Perplexed Over The Uncharacteristic And Destructive Urban Pest Habits Exhibited By Sugarcane Beetles

Several beetle species are economically burdensome crop pests, but beetles are unrepresented as urban pests of homes and buildings. The most common beetle pests of structures include various species of carpet and wood-boring beetles, all of which have the potential to inflict costly property damage. For example, during their development into adults, old house borer […]

Do Common Fly Pests Breed Within Homes?

Numerous fly species frequently appear within central Texas homes where their presence is usually nothing more than a nuisance. Flies may invade homes inadvertently, and some species, such as cluster flies, face flies and fruit flies, invade homes during the fall and winter seasons in order to establish warm shelter where they can overwinter. Most […]

Which Arthropod Pests Are Most Likely To Invade Homes In Central Texas During The Winter?

Arthropod pests like brown marmorated stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, western conifer seed bugs, elm leaf beetles, cluster flies and face flies are all known for maintaining infestations within homes during the entire winter season, even in the northernmost US states. These particular arthropod species are known as “overwintering pests,” as they invade homes during […]

Why Are Turkestan Cockroach Infestations Becoming More Common In Texas Homes, And How Can These Roaches Be Identified?

Pest control professionals in Texas generally agree that cockroaches are the most commonly encountered insect pests within homes in the state. The German, American, Oriental, smokybrown and brown-banded species are the four most common roach pests in Texas, and they are all found throughout the state. However, another non-native roach species, the Turkestan cockroach, is […]

The German Cockroach

The German Cockroach Regularly Hides Within Cracks On Interior Walls That Are As Narrow As 4 To 5 Millimeters In Width Cockroaches have existed for at least three hundred and fifty million years, and while most of the world’s cockroach species inhabit wet and humid tropical regions, several species are well known pests in the […]

The Massive Pantropical Huntsman Spider Inflict Painful And Potentially Serious Bites, And They Are Found Indoor More Often Than They Are Found Outdoors In Texas

Heteropoda venatoria, or the “pantropical huntsman spider,” as it is more commonly known, is a large non-native spider species that has become well established in Texas, Florida, California, and various coastal areas in the southeast. This spider is quite large in size at nearly 1 inch in length and between 4 and 5 inches in […]

Millipedes Frequently Congregate In Homes And May Cause Injury To Humans In Some Circumstances

A substantial number of arthropod pests that frequently invade Texas homes can inflict painful and potentially dangerous bites and stings to humans. Some of these dangerous pests include scorpions, recluse spiders, southern black widows, yellow jackets, red-imported fire ants, native fire ants, and even Africanzied honey bees. Some arthropods that neither sting nor bite may […]