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The Black Bugs That Collect On Window Frames And The Exterior Ledges Of Houses Often Invade Central Texas Homes In Large Numbers During The Winter, But What Are They?

Several species of insect pest gravitate into homes in overwhelming numbers in order to seek warm shelter during the fall and winter seasons in Texas. Some of these insect pests include Asian lady bugs, boxelder bugs and elm leaf beetles. During recent years, many residents of central Texas have been finding hundreds of black bugs […]

Spider Crickets Frequently Invade Homes During The Colder Months Where They Eat Away At A Variety Of Indoor Items

The group of insect house pests that are commonly referred to as spider crickets look just like their name suggests, as the insects possess unusually long legs that make them look like arachnids from a distance. Due to their long legs, spider crickets appear significantly larger than other types of crickets. Unsurprisingly, spider crickets are […]

Four Of The Five Most Economically Damaging Subterranean Termite Species In The US Can Be Found In Residential Areas Of Central Texas

Dozens of termite species have been documented in the US, but only a minority are known as being destructive to structural lumber and other finished wood items. All termite species are divided into three distinct groups known as  Subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites. Species belonging to all three of these termite groups can be found […]

Pest Spotlight: The Smokybrown Cockroach

The Smokybrown Cockroach Is One Of The Most Commonly Encountered Insect Pests In Central Texas Where They Can Establish Breeding Sites Within Homes. Cockroaches are not hard to come by in central Texas, as multiple cities in the region have been named as being among the most roach-infested cities in the US. In Waco, for […]

Why Accurately Identifying Red Imported Fire Ants Can Be Relatively Difficult, And How They Can Be Differentiated From Similar Looking Ant Pest Species

The red-imported fire ant was first documented in the US back during the 1930s, and since then this species has spread to numerous southern states where they are considered a major public health threat. Red-imported fire ants are the most common ant pest species in central Texas where their dirt mounds have become a dreaded […]

Red-Shouldered Bugs Are Often Mistaken For Boxelder Bugs, But Both Species Are Common House Pests During The Fall Season

While insect pest issues within homes are to be expected during the spring and summer seasons, there exists a significant number of insect pests that are notorious for invading homes during the fall and early winter seasons in Texas. Some of these fall pests include Asian lady beetles, brown marmorated stink bugs, and boxelder bugs. […]

90% Of Central Texans Have Been Attacked By Red-Imported Fire Ants, Making The Region The Most Fire Ant-Heavy Region In Texas

Many of the most frequently encountered ant pests in the United States originate from other countries. Some of these common ant pests include Pharaoh ants, pavement ants and crazy ants. Although many non-native ant species in the US are well known house pests, some have inhabited the country for such a long time that they […]

Are Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes A Major Threat To Waco Residents During The Fall Season?

For the past two decades, mosquito-borne disease has been a growing threat throughout the United States, particularly in the southern and eastern halves of the country. Last year, researchers surveyed mosquito populations in every region of the contiguous US in order to determine where disease-carrying mosquitoes pose the greatest threat to citizens. Results showed that […]