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The Most Common Insect And Arachnid Yard Pests That Frequently Enter Waco Homes

The mosquito pest population was particularly high in central Texas this year, and several insect pest reports name Texas as one of the worst states for biting mosquito pests. Texas is home to some of the most dangerous disease-carrying mosquito species, including Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. In residential areas, mosquito bites are generally sustained […]

Waco Wildlife Control Experts

Waco Wildlife Control Experts | iPest Solutions iPest Solutions offers tips on keeping wild animal invaders away from homes Although rodents are often considered the most common wintertime pest, iPest Solutions, a pest management company servicing Waco, advises homeowners that nuisance wildlife like raccoons and squirrels can also frequently invade homes during the colder months. […]

Fall Into A Pest Proofing Routine

With summer on its way out, many homeowners may think their pest problems will wane, too. That’s not the case, according to iPest Solutions. In fact, with a new season comes different pest challenges to face and another round of pest proofing to do for the home. Pests like mice, rats, cockroaches and spiders will […]

Where In Texas Do The Highest Number Of Medically Serious Scorpion Sting Incidents Occur Each Year

Scorpions are primitive organisms that inhabit a variety of regions throughout the world, and along with spiders, they are among the hundred thousand documented species in the class Arachnida. Around 1,800 scorpion species have been documented worldwide, 25 of which are considered medically harmful. Dozens of scorpion species have been documented as inhabiting the United […]

Have COVID Lockdowns Really Made Rodent Pests More Prevalent And Aggressive Toward Humans Around Suburban Homes?

The US is home to three non-native rodent species that each maintain an invasive habitat in urban and suburban areas where their survival is largely, if not entirely, dependent on resources that only humans provide. These resources include discarded food in garbage receptacles, food scraps beneath appliances and furniture, and stored foods within pantries and […]

How Wasps And Bees Often Damage Homes And Buildings

A 2014 study saw researchers survey the arthropod population within 50 houses located in both impoverished and affluent neighborhoods. The study not only revealed that people live with far more creepy-crawlies than they would like to suppose, but it also revealed that homes, no matter where they are located, contain roughly the same number and […]

The Most And Least Common Termite Pest Species In Texas, Where They Are Found, And The Degree Of Structural Damage They Are Known To Inflict In The State

Dozens of termite species have been documented as inhabiting the United States, and with the possible exception of Alaska, termite pests that attack the structural wood of homes and buildings can be found in every state. Most termite species in the country belong to one of three groups known as subterranean, drywood, and dampwood termites, […]

How The Most Common Indoor Insect Pests In Central Texas Responds To Indoor And Outdoor Environmental Conditions

Most insect species favor habitats located in humid and rainy tropical to subtropical regions, and very few insect species have become well adapted to thriving in arid environments. The fact that most insect species require substantial moisture in order to survive is well exemplified by the tendency of urban insect pests to establish indoor harborages […]