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With all the rain we have had, we are getting lots of calls for mosquitoes! Call iPest today to learn more about our seassonal mosquito treatments! 254-855-6647


Serving Waco, Woodway, Hewitt, McGregor, Crawford, China Spring, Lorena, Robinson and surrounding areas


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Don’t let pest become a problem for you! Call iPest today to learn more about our residential pest control service. 254-855-6647.

Serving Waco, Woodway, Hewitt, Lorena, Robinson, China Spring, McGregor, Crawford, and surrounding areas!



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This termite bait was found on an annual inspection of a PREVENTATIVE treatment!!! What does that mean?? It means that this homeowner had no evidence of termites….yet….but he took the initiative to go ahead and protect his home with the Sentricon Termite Baiting System! We had a hit on three sides of his house! He is sure glad the termites found the bait and not his house!!!


Call iPest today to learn more about what you can do to protect your home from termites! 254-855-6647


Serving Waco, Hewitt, Woodway, Robinson, Lorena, China Spring, McGregor, Crawford and surrounding areas!


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With the unusual amounts of rain we have had this spring, it’s no surprise we are encountering unusual pest problems this summer. In addition to mosquitos we have been receiving several calls about fleas. Let the knowledgeable and experienced professionals at iPest Solutions help you resolve your flea infestations.

Call iPest today to learn more about our flea treatments 254-855-6647

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