Common Questions About Mice

Common Questions About Mice

Are mice dangerous?

Mice may not seem like a dangerous animal. It’s certainly one of the last things that pops into our mind when we think about them. But, despite appearances, they can be quite the nasty pests to have in the home. Mice are known to not only cause damage to the home, but also potentially spread dozens of pathogens to the inhabitants.

Are mice and rats different?

While both species are rodents, mice and rats are quite different. To start, you have the size, with rats being much larger. A rat can grow to lengths of up to 18 inches, and weigh as much as ten times more than a mouse. Mice will usually have a body that is four inches long and a tail that is also four inches. When it comes to the infestations themselves, both species will cause damage in the home and spread diseases, but rats will do so at a faster rate, because they are larger than mice.

Do I have a rat or a mouse infestation?

It’s important to correctly identify the species responsible for the infestation in your home, in order to be able to control it effectively. Rats are too big for mouse traps, and mice are too small for rat traps. So what are the signs that indicate the species in the infestation? The main way to tell is to look at the droppings that you may find in the house. These droppings usually indicate areas of high activity for the pests, but they can also be used to detect the species responsible. Mouse droppings are smaller, and they do not have a definite form, while rat droppings are larger, resembling black rice.

How are mouse infestations removed?

Both mouse and rat infestations can be removed using either traps or poisons, and it’s best if you hire a pro to remove the infestation. This is because you need to remove every single rodent in the home in order to stop the infestation in its tracks. If two or more of the rodents survive, they will reproduce and continue their infestation. However, rat and mouse infestations require different treatment approaches, and every rodent control process starts with an inspection in order to determine the species responsible. If you would like to know more about rat or mouse infestations, or if you have a rodent infestation that needs to be removed, contact us today.