Controlling Fire Ants In Your Waco Yard

Controlling Fire Ants In Your Waco Yard

Red imported fire ants are quite dangerous. A single ant can sting multiple times, and the ants will usually attack someone in a swarm. The stings are painful, and they stay painful for a week or so. They can also land people who are allergic in the hospital. On top of that, the ants are as aggressive as they get, especially if you manage to disturb or even walk by their nest. So how can you deal with these pests?

Fire ant control methods

There are two main categories of fire ant control products: you have contact killers and baits. Contact killers are fast-acting insecticides that will kill fire ants on contact. These products are good for denying the ants access to certain areas, and they can be used directly on a colony during certain times of the day, when the queen will be near the top of the fire ant mound.

Baits are slow-acting insecticides, and they are designed to be spread around by the ants themselves. While these products will take longer to show results, they are much more effective at destroying colonies, since eventually, the bait will reach the queen and kill it.

Both product types can be used effectively, but you have to make sure that you read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

Treatment options

Fire ant control products can also be divided into the type of treatments that they are designed for. Some treatments are meant for use on the mound directly, while others are designed as full yard treatments. With mound treatments, you will attack the visible mound itself, and both contact killers and baits can fall into this category. Full yard treatments are more effective against hidden mounds, and they can proactively prevent the creation of new colonies or re-infestations from neighboring areas.

The most effective way to deal with an infestation is to employ both treatment options. You can deal with visible mounds right away, and then set up a whole yard treatment to deal with any stragglers and protect you from future infestations.

Calling a pro

Sometimes, certain treatment options will not be as effective as we hope, for whatever reason, and in this situation you can always hire a pro to help you out. Contact us today if you have any questions about fire ant control or if you need any help getting rid of a fire ant infestation.