Do Carpenter Ants Bite People?

Do Carpenter Ants Bite People?

There are a few species of ants out there that pack quite a punch. But are carpenter ants one of these species? After all, if their jaws are strong enough to tunnel through wood, surely they can also pierce the human skin, right? Let’s find out.

The carpenter ant bite

Fortunately, carpenter ant bites are not very common. These ants only bite people in self-defense, and the bite is not dangerous to your health. The bite itself will not have effects similar to the bite or the sting of venomous insects such as wasps or certain spiders. At most, the bite will feel like a pinch, and there may be some redness in the area. These symptoms will not linger for long.

Carpenter ant vs. fire ant bite

While carpenter ant bites are barely noticeable, the bite of a fire ant is very painful. When threatened, fire ants will swarm and attack, and their bite is painful, leading to swelling, infection or even an allergic reaction. Fire ants are much smaller than carpenter ants and they have a reddish brown coloration. They also routinely attack people, with 79% of Texas residents having experienced a bite in a single year.

Termite vs. carpenter ant bite

Termites also have jaws strong enough to chew through wood, and unlike carpenter ants, they actually eat the wood. A termite colony can do a lot of damage very fast to your home, but termites do not have a bite that can harm a human being. In fact, most termite species are rarely out in the open, unless it is swarming season, when winged termites go out in search for new colony locations. These members of the colony are purely reproductive and they are very unlikely to bite a person.

Are carpenter ants dangerous at all?

Even if you do get bitten, you do not need to worry about it all. It is very unlikely that you will have an allergic reaction or that the area becomes infected as a result of the bite. The ants are also harmless to your pets and children. However, they can do a lot of damage to your home. If you notice carpenter ants scurrying in your home, or if you see piles of sawdust near the wooden structures of your house, then you may have an infestation. Contact us today and we will help you get it under control.