Do Termites Infest Masonry Homes?

Do Termites Infest Masonry Homes?

Termites feed on wood so that would make a masonry home safe, right? Unfortunately not. Termites can set up colonies in masonry homes, even though that sounds very counterintuitive. After all, if the home is made out of stone, what possible incentives do the termites have to nest there? Well, the answer is that a masonry home will have wood inside somewhere, whether it’s furniture, flooring or some other kind of support structure.

How termites infest masonry homes

Most termite species in the US are subterranean, and they infest a home from underneath. If the home has a crack in the block or mortar in the foundation, termites will find a way through. They can also chew through fiberboard, which is also one of their food sources. Other termite species can infest from the roof. These are called drywood termites, and they will use an open soffit vent to gain entry into the home.

Signs that your home is infested.

Termites create new colonies through swarmers, which are flying termites. These swarmers will fly for a short distance, find a suitable nesting location, pair up male and female and then lose their wings. They will then either dig into wood or into the ground and set up a nest. If you notice piles of wings around the home, this is a sign that the swarmers have potentially nested inside.

Subterranean termites will also use mud tubes to travel when they are above ground, and in masonry homes, these tubes are a lot easier to notice. They will usually spring out from the foundation and connect to wooden structures inside the home, such as baseboards, furniture and doors.

How termites travel inside the home

Termites, especially drywood termites, can travel throughout the entire home, entering through the roof and settling near the foundation. Subterranean termites can also infest from below and travel upwards if they can build convenient passageways and find wood in the attic. With that being said, masonry homes are better protected against this type of widespread infestation because there are fewer wooden structures connecting different areas of the home. Termites will prefer to travel through wood since it is a lot safer for them.

If you however notice any signs of a termite infestation or presence inside your masonry home, it’s best to go through with an inspection. Contact us today to set up an appointment.