Essential Information About Fire Ants

Essential Information About Fire Ants

Fire ants will usually create their nests outside in the garden, and they will enter the home to scavenge for food. This is how most ant species will behave, but what sets fire ants apart are their sting and their aggressiveness. Not only will they swarm and defend their nests, they will also sting unprovoked, or if they feel threatened. Let’s take a look at this species and cover some essential information about its behavior.

Do fire ants nest indoors?

Fire ants will rarely create their nests indoors. They will usually have a mound somewhere near the home, and only enter the building to look for food. However, they may create nests inside wall voids, and they may infest the home itself if the temperatures outdoors are too low.

Do fire ants damage the home?

Fire ants are not a threat to the structural integrity of the home. The only ant species that can cause significant damage to a building is the carpenter ant, which will build its nest inside wood. The main threat posed by fire ants is their sting.

What is the difference between red imported fire ants and fire ants?

There are several fire ant species which are native to the US. These species are bad enough, but then you have the red imported fire ants, which are from South America, and which are more aggressive and have a more powerful venom. This species is currently confined to the southern part of the country, but it is spreading rapidly.

Can fire ant infestations be prevented?

Yes, fire ant infestations can be prevented, but you will need the help of a pro, who will install various treatments around the property that will either deny the ants access or that will kill a colony early on. There are also some measures that you can implement to lower the odds of fire ants entering the home, measures such as making sure that all the food is stored in sealed containers and that you keep the home free of crumbs and spills.

How are fire ants controlled?

There are several ways to control a fire ant infestation, but the control process should be left to professionals. These ants are very persistent, and they will attack anyone who comes near the nest.

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