Finding And Removing Dead Mice

Finding And Removing Dead Mice

Finding And Removing Dead Mice

All of sudden, you noticed a foul stench inside your home. Where is it coming from? It smells like a dead animal. You’ve looked everywhere, but there’s no carcass to be found. Well, odds are that you may have a dead mouse somewhere inside the home. In this article, we’re going to help you find it and remove it from your home.

What does it mean when you find a dead mouse?

So you’ve pinpointed the smell, and even found the dead mouse. However, you did not put out any poison so the dead mouse must’ve died of natural causes. At least that takes care of the mouse infestation you’ve had in your home, right? Well, mice are not loners, they prefer to live in groups. They are also fast breeders, and if you find a mouse that died of natural causes in your home, it means that it was at least two years old. This could mean that you have had an infestation for quite some time.

Is it dangerous to have a dead mouse in the home?

A dead mouse smells like any carcass, which is a combination of rotten cabbage, ammonia and a few other chemicals. The good news is that with the mouse being dead, it cannot spread any germs anymore by travelling around the home. The bad news is that the decomposition process itself releases dangerous pathogens into the air. On top of that, if mice or other pests such as flies or cockroaches come into contact with the carcass, they will spread the contact germs around the home. All in all, sensing the smell of a dead mouse in the home is a signal that you have to act fast.

What to do if you have a dead mouse in your home?

If you’ve sensed the smell of a rotting carcass in your home and you suspect that it comes from a mouse or other rodent species, the first order of business is to locate the body and remove it. Mice like to scurry around in hidden places, so your best bet is to look under furniture, in the attic, in food cupboards, around pipes and behind the fridge. If you do not have any luck, then the mouse may be somewhere inside the walls. At this point, you want to get in touch with a pro. You may also have a much larger infestation, so a proper inspection may be in order. If you run in this issue, contact us today and we will help you take care of it.