Guide To Termite Baiting Systems

Guide To Termite Baiting Systems

Of all the termite control methods out there, baiting systems are the only tools that you have at your disposal if you are trying to destroy a subterranean termite colony. Because this termite species builds its colonies deep underground, no insecticide can reach the queen and kill it directly, so you have to draw the workers out with a bait in order to have termiticide affect the nest. In this short guide, we’re going to go into more details about the termite baiting system.

How baiting systems work

A baiting system is composed of several plastic receptacles that are inserted into the ground. These receptacles will have one end above ground, and the end that is in the ground is permeable. Within the receptacles, you will place cellulose that is laced with termiticide.

Subterranean termites routinely send out workers as scouts in order to find new pieces of wood. If one of these workers reaches a full receptacle, the worker will go back to the colony and establish a gathering pathway to the receptacle. More workers will join in and start collecting the cellulose, taking it back to the colony, sharing it around, and poisoning enough workers and the queen until the colony collapses.

The drawback of the baiting system

The main drawback of the baiting system is that it can take up to a few months to collapse a colony, and during this time, the workers will be busy at work devouring the wood of your home. As such, the baiting system is either used as a preventive method, or in combination with other methods that can stop an infestation in its tracks.

Alternative termite control methods

The main alternative to the baiting system is the chemical barrier. Chemical barriers are installed around the foundation of the home, and they effectively stop all travel between the home and the termite colony. The infestation in the home is stopped immediately, but the colony itself continues to survive, and it will likely infest other areas of the property, or it will go for a nearby neighbor.

This is why chemical barriers are often used together with the baiting system, as a way to get full protection against subterranean termites. For more information about baiting systems and their alternatives, or if you suspect that you might have a termite infestation in your home, contact us today.