Guide To The Wolf Spider

Guide To The Wolf Spider

There are numerous “wolf spider” species, but almost all of them share certain characteristics – they are large, athletic and dark in coloration. They also do not use webs to catch their prey. Instead they will hunt it violently and use their strong body to subdue it. These spiders also have unique parenting habits, unlike those of other spider species.


Wolf spiders will bite humans when they feel threatened, but their venom is not very strong against us, and a bite will most likely result in some swelling or redness, but no serious medical complications.


Like most of their cousins, wolf spiders are solitary. They will usually hunt at night, on the ground level, although some species are comfortable with climbing trees in order to reach their prey. When on the ground, they will either hide in thick vegetation, or dig underground tunnels to hide. Some species will have a set territory, while others are nomadic.

Most of their prey consists of ground-based insects, but larger females have been known to hunt small vertebrates. Some wolf spiders are adept at chasing down their prey, while others will prefer to stalk and ambush it. Thanks to their sharp eye sight, rapid movements, sensitivity to vibration and natural camouflage, they are able to catch prey very proficiently, and avoid falling prey themselves to rodents, birds and lizards.


Wolf spiders are particularly creepy when they are with their babies. A female wolf spider will use its silk to create an egg sac which it will carry around and protect aggressively. If it loses this egg sac it will be very persistent in searching for it. However, the true creepiness becomes apparent after the eggs hatch, because the spiderlings will live on their mother’s back until they are capable of fending for themselves.

Getting rid of wolf spider infestations

While wolf spiders are not very dangerous to humans, they can be quite unsettling, and an infestation can quickly get out of hand. If you have spiders on your property that do not seem to lay webs and are quite aggressive, then you may be dealing with wolf spiders. Contact us today and we will help you get rid of them quickly. We can also perform an inspection to make sure that you do not have more dangerous species in your home such as black widows or brown recluses.