How Do Bees Get Into Your Home?

How Do Bees Get Into Your Home?

Let us guess. You are reading this because you have a bee problem. But, you are not sure. Don’t feel sad as you are not alone. Many people cannot figure out from where these bees are coming?

The confusion starts when people notice one or two bees around your house. Often they feel that the bees have flown through an open window. But after few days, they visualize a swarm of bees gets inside your home. It is when they call us for help.

So, what do you think you should do or check for when you first have a sight of bees buzzing around your house?

First, ask the property owners to list the places inside their house where the bees can build hives. For instance, in the living room, there is a fireplace. Bees love to form their colonies inside the chimneys.

The bees will fly directly to a nearby window or skylight if they get inside through the fireplace. They will naturally gravitate towards the windows as they are attracted to the sunlight.

If you think that there might be a possibility of a beehive inside the chimney, it is better to listen than to look. You should turn off all the electric appliances. Take a seat next to the fireplace and make the room as quiet as possible. Sometimes often, you will hear a buzzing sound of a bee.

What if you do not have a fireplace or chimney?

If you do not have a chimney or a fireplace and still find the bees getting inside your house, the next step is to check the vents. Check the bathroom vent, the dryer vent, and the stove vent. Again listening is the key. Put your ear near the vent and make your room as quiet as possible. Heard any buzzing sound?

No. Now, what next?


OK, so grab a pair of binoculars and head outside!

The next step is to figure out if you have a bee problem outside your home. Look to see if the bees are entering your house the other way by taking a walk around your entire house.

Here are some strange places where bees enter your structure:

Attic Vent Holes:

The heat escapes, and the attic can breathe through these holes. The 1/4th size of the screen give the bees enough space to squeeze through. Once they get inside the attic, you will not be able to see the beehive but only find the flight activity taken by bees.

Bathroom, dryer, and store vents:

Always check the vents for bee activity even if you could not hear the buzzing sound. You will not notice loads of bees. You can find one or two flying in and out of the vents.

Gaps, Cracks, and Holes in the walls:

Bees can enter through the gaps of the eaves or under the tiles of the roof. The bees will make their home, and the problem is they won’t pay the rent.

Chimney exterior:

Grab your binoculars and look at the top of the chimney. You will find them buzzing where the roofline meets the chimney.

Wrapping up:

Bees can enter your house and invade it without paying anything for a living. To solve the bee issue, you can call professional pest control experts.