How Fire Ant Infestations Are Prevented

How Fire Ant Infestations Are Prevented

Fire ants are one of the few dangerous ant species out there. They will set up mounds either in the backyard or inside the home, and they will fiercely defend these mounds, swarming anyone who even comes close and stinging them. This is why it’s important to know how to prevent these ants from entering your property.

What are fire ants?

There are several species, both native and imported, that are colloquially called fire ants, but only one of them is responsible for the vast majority of damage and infestations. That species is the red imported fire ant. As the name suggests, this species is not native to the US, and has been imported to the country and all over the world from South America. These fire ants are very aggressive, they swarm and they have a strong venom. One sting will be painful for a few hours, and then itchy for a few days, but when the venom is injected in large enough quantities from multiple ants, it’s enough to kill livestock or send them to the vet.

How are fire ant infestations prevented?

Fire ant infestations can be prevented using two approaches – one is removing the incentives that ants have for setting up on a property, and the other is to work with a pro who will install chemical preventative measures. These measures include baits and broadcast insecticide treatments. When used together, these two measures will ensure that certain areas of your property are completely fire ant-free, and that any new colonies that are set up will be destroyed before they have a chance to get going.

How are fire ant infestations controlled?

The control methods that will be used against fire ants will depend on the location of the nest. Direct-application insecticides will be used when the nest is easily accessible, and this method has the advantage of instantly destroying the colony. However, if the nest is not accessible, baits will be used instead. Baits have the advantage that they can destroy a colony regardless of its location, but they take longer to act.

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