How One Man Became The Squirrel Whisperer

Most people think squirrels are rather cute, with their bushy tails, tiny hands, and big eyes. It is not uncommon for people to take a stroll or sit on a bench in the park and watch as the cute critters run around chasing each other up trees, stopping every once in a while to sit up on their hind legs and take a glance around while their tail fluffs out behind them. Squirrels have grown quite comfortable with being around humans because of this close proximity and our penchant for feeding the little rascals while we watch them. Most people tend to limit their interactions with these animals to simply watching and throwing them some food. However, one man decided to take his relationship with the local squirrels a bit farther, and has earned the nickname The Squirrel Whisperer because of it.

Ed Condon started out like most people, going to his local park and bringing peanuts to feed the squirrels that would run past him. But what began as a simple practice of feeding squirrels at a distance, quickly progressed to a much more up close and personal relationship with his furry friends. It began when one of the many squirrels that would run up to him to catch some food began to visit him everyday and slowly inch closer and closer to him when he fed her. Slowly but surely she began to hop onto his lap and eat straight from his hand. He was even able to eventually pet her like you would a dog or cat. After a while, the squirrel that he has now named Butters started coming when he called for her. You can imagine how strange this must look to the other people passing by when they see a man call for a wild squirrel and that squirrel actually responds as if she’s his pet. This behavior earned him the title of The Squirrel Whisperer in his local community.

However, before you start trying to tame a wild squirrel, be aware that this process was not without its initial issues. Butters wasn’t always so lovey dovey, and in the beginning actually bit him a few times. Luckily, Condon found out that squirrels rarely get rabies, and the small bites healed pretty quickly. Butters isn’t the only squirrel interested in this squirrel whisperer either. A second squirrel has started listening to him as well.

Have you ever fed squirrels in the park and were tempted to pet one?

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