How Pros Deal With Tough Subterranean Termite Infestations

How Pros Deal With Tough Subterranean Termite Infestations

Every now and then, you come across a termite infestation that is very hard to treat. Sometimes, termites will infest the wood beneath a building, in the foundation, and if the building is large enough, there may be Billions of termites in the building alone. This type of scenario is rare, but it can happen, and even the most seasoned pros will be left scratching their heads trying to figure out how to deal with it. However, even these seemingly impossible infestations have a solution if you use the right method.

It all starts with identifying the barriers that will get in the way of the treatment. In tough infestation scenarios, there will be various obstacles that prevent the easy application of the treatment, obstacles such as a slab of concrete that gets in the way (pavements come to mind). The solution here is to start thinking about various treatment methods that could sidestep the need to drill through the obstacle in order to reach the soil.

For example, when dealing with a large obstacle where drilling through it is not an option, the pro may choose to use  bait stations, which can be very effective at removing an infestation quickly.

This type of experience comes from dealing repeatedly with numerous types of infestations, but some of the lessons can be used by homeowners during DIY pest control initiatives. There is no reason why you cannot research all the product options on the market to figure out what works best for your situation yourself. You also have the option of getting in touch with the representatives of various pest control product companies, who will be more than happy to help you understand the various use cases of their products, and even recommend a particular course of action.

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