How Quickly Do Mouse Infestations Grow?

How Quickly Do Mouse Infestations Grow?

Like most pests, mice are able to rapidly grow their populations. It only takes two mice for an infestation to go from unnoticed to overwhelming.

Signs of an infestation

A mouse infestation is very likely to go unnoticed at first, because the mice will not get out in the open. However, if you know what signs to look for, you can detect their presence and remove them from the home before they grow in numbers too much.

How fast do mice reproduce?

Mice reproduce very quickly. A female will have a gestation period of up to three weeks, after which it will give birth to as many as 14 mice at once. In an average year, one female can give birth to 56 new mice if the conditions are right. On top of that, mice reach sexual maturity in six weeks, so a population can really explode in a short period time.

How to put an end to an infestation

Given that mice can reproduce so fast, it’s best to try and prevent infestations as much as possible, and if they do happen, to detect and remove them early on. In terms of prevention, you need to keep two things in mind – exclusion and removing incentives.

When it comes to exclusion, you have to make sure that there are no cracks large enough in the exterior of the home for mice to fit through. The incentives that you have to remove from your home include food, water and clutter. This means making sure that all your food is kept in sealed containers, that there are no moisture or leakage issues in the home, and that you clear up all the clutter in your home and your garage.

If an infestation has already started, you will likely need the assistance of a pest control pro or team. DIY mouse control efforts are rarely 100% successful, and if a couple of rats remain, they will eventually repopulate and the infestation will be back at full strength in a few months. Pest control pros will use traps and poisons effectively, ensuring that an infestation is fully removed quickly. Pros will also be able to advise you on prevention methods or implement exclusion methods for you.

For more information about how quickly mouse infestations grow, or if you have an infestation in your home that is rapidly getting out of control, contact us today and we will assist you right away.