How Spider Infestations Start

How Spider Infestations Start

Spider infestations range from scary to inconvenient and to downright dangerous, depending on the species that are set up in your home. This is why it’s important to know why spider infestations start and how to get rid of them.

Why spiders enter the home

There are several reasons for why a spider might set up in your home. To start, the spider might just have an easy time accessing the building, and it wanders in. Once indoors, it might find suitable conditions to start a nest. Of course, if there are no food sources, the spider will not stay long, so if you have a lot of spiders, it usually means that they have found something to eat indoors. It’s often the case that a spider infestation is accompanied by a secondary insect infestation that sustains the spider population.

Spiders are also very interested in clutter and unused rooms, because these areas offer perfect shelter. Indoor plants, and outdoor compost and debris are also big draws, because they can be used for shelter and even warmth.

Getting rid of spiders

Because of how spiders eat and behave, they have to be controlled a bit differently than other species. For example, an ant colony can be destroyed by setting up poisoned baits that are shared around by the workers and which will eventually kill the queen. A spider on the other hand does not go out to hunt, so you can’t really bait it. Instead, you have to do three things – kill all the spiders that you can find, destroy their nests, and then create an environment that will kill them.

The first two steps of the control process are fairly straightforward, and the third requires the use of residual insecticides. These insecticides are used in areas that spiders use to travel, and they will remain active in those areas for as many as six months. During this time, any spider or insect that tries to travel over the insecticides will die, so not only will the infestation in the home be removed, the odds of reinfestation are drastically reduced for the period in which the insecticides are active.

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