Mosquito Control Waco Texas iPest Solutions Pest Control

Mosquito Control Waco Texas iPest Solutions Pest Control


This year we can’t seem to catch a break with the rain which is resulting in lots of standing water!


….and we all know what that means in Texas!  MOSQUITOES!!!


iPest offers a fogging service to help keep your backyard comfortable. It is a monthly service that we do as needed during mosquito season for as low as $45 per month!


In addition to fogging, we always recommend a few tips

-keep your grass cut short

-be mindful of things that catch water in your back yard, like flower pots! Be sure to turn over anything that can catch water, mosquitoes  don’t need much depth to breed.

-Kiddie pools and bird baths are perfect breeding grounds.

-Make sure your gutters are cleaned out, remember if there is clutter in the gutter, there is water!

-If you have heavy foliage in your yard, trim back as much as you can

-Create air circulation in your yard, mosquitoes love still air.

And always remember, protective clothing and mosquito repellent spray will help keep them off of you!