Norway Rat Identification and Prevention

Norway Rat Identification and Prevention

The Norway rat is the biggest and most common rat in the US. They cause damage to structures and materials by gnawing. They also contaminate human and pet food, causing significant health concerns as well.

Norway rats are grey rodent pests that grow about 16 inches long from tail to nose. They weigh around 12-16 ounces. They prefer insects, seeds, and grains as their sources of food but can eat almost everything. Norway rats highly depend on water for survival. They have very strong front incisors that enable them to gnaw through even the most rigid materials.

Are Norway Rats Hazardous?

In history, Norway rats are considered one of the most deadly rodent pests of all time. They indirectly caused millions of deaths through the Bubonic Plague during the middle ages. Today, although the plague is no longer prevalent in the US, Norway rats continue to transmit and pass many diseases in their saliva, droppings, and urine. Norway rat infestations can also cause infestations of mites, ticks, and fleas.

Why Do Norway Rat Problems Happen?

Norway rats are quiet and nocturnal, so you will likely not see one with your eyes. A common indicator that you have Norway rat infestation is the manifestation of damages in various places around your home. Inspect for signs of gnawing around drywalls, electrical wiring, flooring, and pipes. Also, check for burrowing signs under foundations, sheds, garages, decks, and sidewalks around near your house. If you find holes in your furniture or clothing or small droppings in your pantry or closet, it is possible that you have a rodent infestation.

Where can You Find Norway Rats

Most individuals with rat infestations do not find rats. Instead, they see evidence that they have been there. This evidence includes gnawed holes and droppings. The most common areas of activity for Norway rats include basements, attics, bathrooms, pantries, and kitchens.

How Do You Get Rid of Norway Rats

Norway rats can be unsafe to try to control alone. Most DIY techniques can fail to eliminate the entire infestation. They can also cause other hazards that result from the presence of dead rats, droppings, or other materials still left in your home.

If you want to fix your Norway rat problem quickly and effectively, leave the job to pest control professionals. They have the knowledge and expertise to identify your rat problem, track its source, and eradicate it completely. They also understand the safety precautions required to prevent the dangers associated with rat control.

How to prevent Norway Rat Infestation Reoccurrence

Here are some ways to prevent Norway rat infestations in the future:

  • Keep debris away from your home’s foundation
  • Place food inside rat-proof containers
  • Seal all entry points around your home
  • Clean up any spattered food items immediately
  • Keep trash containers tightly closed
  • Seal all utility pipe openings with pipe collars or sealant
  • Fix mesh screens on dryer vents, crawl spaces, and attic
  • Keep your storage areas organized to prevent litter that can attract rats
  • Keep shrubs trimmed as they can help Norway rats reach your roof