Raccoon Gets Head Stuck In a Jar 

Gerald Hill, the co-owner with his wife of Alling House Bed & Breakfast, along with a few of his guests emerged from their home Saturday morning only to come across the strange sight of a raccoon sitting in a tree with its head stuck in a jar. The concerned owners and guests tried all day to coax the raccoon down from the tree to save the animal. While they managed to get the frightened animal to climb down the tree several times, the raccoon got spooked when they tried to grab it and ran right back up the tree. It was clear the scared raccoon was not going to cooperate with their rescue efforts, so further action had to be taken.

By the time the day was approaching mid-afternoon, the would-be rescuers had only managed to get the raccoon to climb even higher up into the tree. Realizing that their efforts were futile, the group decided to call in the experts. They had actually tried to call in the fire department earlier, but were turned away and told that there was nothing they could do to help. Thankfully, when they called Ahopha Wildlife Rescue, help finally came in the form of wildlife rescue specialist Tom Scotti. Scotti managed to finally catch the raccoon in a net after some coaxing, and was able to remove the jar from the animal’s head and neck. After being manhandled with the net the raccoon wasn’t too pleased with its rescuer, making the process of getting the jar off a bit difficult, but in the end Scotti succeeded in freeing the poor creature.

Of course, after all of this manhandling the raccoon was not too pleased with its rescuer and began to come after Scotti, letting him know it was not pleased with the rough treatment. However, with Scotti slowly backing away and instructing the rest of the onlookers to do the same, the raccoon eventually calmed down and headed back into the woods.

Have you ever seen a raccoon stuck in a precarious position and had to call in help to rescue it?

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