Residents Of One Town Are Losing Sleep Over The Wildlife That Are Creeping Around In The Nearby Woods

No matter how large, expensive or opulent a particular house may appear, the neighborhood in which it is located makes all the difference. For example, nobody wants to move into their dream home only to learn that their neighbors are hard-partying frat brothers that throw all night keggers. On the other hand, living in a neighborhood that is ruled over by a strict Homeowners Association board would not be fun either. Finding a happy medium between these extremes is essential in order to find happiness in a home. However, one neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio had always been a pleasant place to raise a family…that is until the residents became creeped out by creatures lurking in the nearby woods. For the past year or so, residents of the Dayton neighborhood have been pestered by skunks and coyotes. During the day these feral animals rarely make an appearance, but at night, the sounds of coyotes can be heard very clearly and loudly from the woods. On top of that, in the morning residents awake to the overwhelming stench of skunk. In addition to these unpleasant occurrences, a few residents have witnessed their pets being sprayed by skunks. Understandably, the residents are beginning to fear for the safety of their pets, and even themselves.

One resident, Linda McCrary, has lived in the eastern Hills neighborhood since 1973, but she has only recently begun to hear the persistent howling of coyotes during the nighttime hours. For the past five years, the coyote population in Dayton has been increasing rapidly. One wildlife expert estimates that as many as thousands of coyotes are now inhabiting Dayton. Due to the increase in coyotes, McCrary is worried about the safety of the large feral cat population in the area, but other residents are more concerned about their own pets, as well as the unwanted skunk presence in the area. McCrary claims that she has been smelling the stench of skunk for months, and experts say that the skunk population in Dayton is growing rapidly due to the wide availability of food in residential areas. Another resident, Kim Davis, claimed that her cat suddenly jumped from a windowsill last week in response to being sprayed by a skunk. The foul odor of the skunk’s secretions forced Davis to dispose of her couch. Another neighbor’s dog was also sprayed by a skunk that same week. At the moment, the skunk and coyote populations in Dayton continue to increase, leaving residents uncertain about their future in the neighborhood.

Have you ever witnessed a skunk spraying another animal?

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