Should You Attempt DIY Wasp Control?

Should You Attempt DIY Wasp Control?

Having a wasp infestation is never fun. They can be aggressive and they can ruin an entire summer if left unchecked. Naturally, homeowners will have questions about how to deal with an infestation. Should you attempt DIY? Should you call a professional to help you out? The answer is it depends. In general, you do not want to deal with a stinging insect infestation by yourself, because it can be very dangerous. However, if a nest is caught very early on, before the worker wasps reach maturity, it can be removed. In this article, we’re going to go over DIY wasp control methods and the circumstances in which they are possible.

Don’t attract wasps to your property

General pest prevention activities work just as well for wasps as they do for any other pest. Make sure that there are no food remnants, empty bottles, dirty paper cups and plates outside or in your garbage. Sweet food and drink, meat, and other leftovers will attract wasps and they will nest nearby if the food sources are plentiful. Make sure that you keep your food covered during the summer and that your trash cans have a tight lid on them. With no human-caused food sources at their disposal, wasps may actually be useful to have around, because they will go back to feeding on mosquitoes.

The right window for DIY wasp control

It’s essential that you do not bother large nests, as the wasps will attack if they feel threatened. However, young nests that can be found in early spring can be removed carefully. At this point, you only have a queen which is laying her eggs, and the workers have either not been born or they have not reached adulthood yet. Wasps are less active at night, and they become lethargic in lower temperatures, so for maximum safety, you can remove a young nest during the night, when you have temperatures below 50 degrees. If you’ve noticed the nest after it has reached a large enough size, the dangers of removing it grow exponentially, and you should not attempt to do it yourself.

The best wasp control method

The best way to remove a wasp infestation is to hire a professional. There are not many DIY products out there for wasp removal, although you can find repellents that will be helpful if an infestation is not too much of a bother during the summer. We strongly recommend that you work with a professional to remove a wasp nest. If you have an infestation, contact us today.