Spiders Are Never Accurately Portrayed In Movies

Spiders Are Never Accurately Portrayed In Movies | Waco Pest Control

Everyone is familiar with horror movies, although some of us may prefer to avoid watching them. There are several different genres of horror. For example, there are slasher films, psychological thrillers, movies about ghost hauntings, and of course, there are horror films that show people being terrorized by scary looking animals. When considering the last type of horror film, many people may mention Jaws or maybe Jurassic Park. However, spiders were featured prominently in horror films of the 1950s. These older horror films appear relatively cheesy today, but several decades ago, people screamed in theaters when a spider was made to look as big as a car by using cheap visual effects. It is rare to find a movie about spiders that does not demonize them. Of course there is the children’s classic Charlotte’s Web, but movies that depict spiders as noble or inviting are few and far between. Movies that depict spiders as bloodsucking beasts is far more common. As you can imagine, no matter how evil or kind a spider is in a movie, spiders are usually not depicted accurately.

Arachnophobia is a common neurosis that probably affects everyone to some extent. However, horror films about spiders certainly do not help to make people less afraid of spiders. Unfortunately, spiders are often misrepresented as murderers and enemies to humans. For example, in the movie entitled Arachnophobia, a new species of tarantula that is way too big to have gone unnoticed by researchers sucks the blood of its victims. There are many inaccuracies in this particular movie. For example, tarantulas and all spiders, except for ticks, do not suck blood from humans, in fact they only suck blood from small insects, mostly flies. Also, there are very few spiders in existence that possess venom powerful enough to kill humans. Even when the most venomous spiders do bite humans, they typically survive anyway, especially with medical attention. In no case can a spider, no matter how big, kill a person instantly, which is what happens in the movie. Tarantulas also do not spin webs, as the terrifying tarantula in the movie frequently did. In fact, the movie even showed a human trapped within a spider web, so maybe accurately depicting spiders was not the filmmaker’s primary goal.

Have you ever seen a movie that depicted spiders accurately?

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