Termite Infestation: Are YOU Inviting Termites?

Termite Infestation: Are YOU Inviting Termites?

Oh no! They are back. Are you worried about the frequent re-infestation of termites in your home even after trying all the D-I-Y treatments to keep them away?

Do you keep on asking yourself or google the reason why termites keep coming back to my house?

Then, keep scrolling! Surprise ahead!

Preventing your home from a termite infestation will become impossible if you are not aware of what attracts them to your house. We understand that being a homeowner, you do whatever DIY control you can to prevent termite infestation in your property.

But, did you know you could be doing things that are attracting termites to your home?

Are you Surprised? Well! We informed you of the surprise ahead.

It’s time we unfold the list of actions that bring termites to your home.

Let’s go!

Reasons for Termites Re-infestation

While it is true that termites can cause severe destruction if left unchecked, but what if we are the ones inviting them? Your first line of defense to prevent termite re-infestation should always be to put your actions under the lens that could be acting as a termite magnet. Listed below are some things that bring termites back to your home.

Firewood Storage

Homeowners often stack their firewood on the stoop or against their home for convenient access. However, doing so can attract unwelcomed termites and provide them with an entry point to your home. In no time, the termites can make their way from the piles of wood to your housing structure. But this can be avoided by distance and off-ground wood storage. The NPMA recommends that firewood and woodpiles should be stacked on an elevated level, at least five inches off the ground and 20 feet away from your home.


Many homeowners leave dead trees and stumps in their yard. Termites love to nest and feast on rotting wood. Any rotting wood material in your yard serves as termite fuel providing them access to your home and expands their colony. So, if there is any deadwood in your yard, clear them immediately before the termites find out.

Overgrown Trees

Leaves and limbs and of overgrown trees that touch the roof or the exterior of your home often act as a bridge for termites to invade your home. Plus, the tree limbs tend to block sunlight and encourage moisture build-up by slowing down the process of evaporation of rain. Regular trimming of overgrown tree limbs and leaves can prevent termite infestation or re-infestation.


Homeowners use mulch against the foundation, in gardens, or near homes. Mulch retains moisture, thereby providing a food source to termites and drawing them closer to your home. You can prevent this by minimizing the wood mulch usage and keeping it at least 15 inches away from your foundation to reduce the possibility of a termite problem.

Bad Drainage

The leaves and twigs of unchecked gutters will clog your drainage, causing the water to pool. As the excess moisture softens and rots your roof, it allows termites to penetrate your home because they love moisture. Regular cleaning of gutters can keep termites away. You can also prevent water pooling with splash blocks and down-spout extenders to divert it away from the foundation.

Wrapping Up 

So, now you know what attracts termites to your home. It is time to take action. The sooner, the better. DIY solutions that you found on the internet may be tempting, but eradicating termites from your property with do-it-yourself solutions is impossible. They will keep coming back. To get rid of termites for good, opt for professional pest control services for a proper treatment against termite problems.

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