The Different Types of Ants

The Different Types of Ants

Most ant species are relatively harmless. They might not even build their colonies indoors, and they will only enter the home to forage for food. However, some of the ant species out there are downright dangerous, or they can cause significant damage to the home. In this article, we’re going to cover these species and the role they play in home infestations.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are the most damaging ant species in the US. Like termites they will damage the wood of the home, but they are not interested in actually consuming the wood. Instead, they use the wood as a medium in which to build their colonies. Carpenter ants can be distinguished by their large size, usually a half an inch, and infestations are usually detected when the homeowner spots one of these large ants out in the open.

Fire ants

Fire ants are known for their sting. These insects have a very painful sting, and they will use it when they or their colonies are threatened. They are similar to wasps in this way, because they will swarm out and sting someone multiple times as a defensive mechanism. The venom of this ant will cause pain in small quantities, but when injected in a large quantity, it can cause more severe reactions that require medical attention.

Pharaoh ants

Pharaoh ants pose the most significant health threat out of any ant species out there. They are tiny and yellow, and they are known for spreading numerous pathogens including food-borne illnesses. Not only that, but they have multiple queens per colony, which makes them harder to remove than other ant species.

Odorous house ants

Odorous house ants pose less of a threat than the other species mentioned in this article, but they are nonetheless not ants that you want to have in the home. This is because they release a foul odor when they are crushed, hence the name.

Dealing with ant infestations

If you notice any of these ant species in the home, you want to get rid of them as fast as possible. For this, you will need the help of a pro. A pro will use either insecticides or baits to destroy the colony and ensure that your home is free of ants. Contact us today for more information about the various control methods that are used against ants, or if you have an ant infestation that must be removed.