The Eight Most Commonly Encountered Cockroach Species Within Homes Can All Be Found In Texas

Cockroaches are one of the four most common indoor insect pests in all US states, the others being termites, ants and flies. However, no US state sees a greater abundance of cockroach pests than Texas. The abundance of cockroach pests in Texas is largely due to the state’s relatively high number of large metropolitan areas where cockroach pests thrive. Five Texas cities can be found on the top 15 most populated metropolitan areas in the US. Texas’ geographic location and climate also contribute to the prevalence of cockroach pests in the state, as numerous cockroach pests are well suited to the desert landscape in the southwest, but the subtropical southeast sees the highest rate of cockroach infestations due to the wet and humid climate along the Gulf Coast. Not long ago, a leading technical journal, Pest Management Professional, carried out a nationwide survey that aimed to ascertain which cockroach species are most commonly encountered in homes and buildings throughout the US. According to the pest control professionals surveyed, eight of the nine most common indoor roach species in the US can be found in Texas.
Pest control professionals encounter German cockroaches within homes and buildings more often than any other roach species, which is not surprising considering that this species is one of the only two roach species that dwell primarily indoors. The other indoor dwelling roach species, the brown-banded cockroach, was the fifth most commonly encountered species after the southern smokybrown cockroach, which is particularly common in Texas. While both German and brown-banded cockroach species can be found throughout the US, the German species is far more abundant due to its centuries long presence in the country. The second and third species on the list, American and Oriental cockroaches, are also found throughout the country, and were among the first cockroach pest species to have arrived in North America from the Old World. Australian, Asian and Turkestan cockroaches were the sixth, seventh and eighth most commonly encountered roach species that can each be found in Texas. Other common cockroach pest species found in Texas include field, Surinam and brown cockroaches.

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