The Professional Control Process For Black Widows

The Professional Control Process For Black Widows

A black widow infestation is no joke, and it’s best to rely on pest control professionals in order to get rid of it. Pros will have the equipment and the tools needed to remove all the black widows in the building safely and ensure that you will be protected from reinfestation for the foreseeable future. Let’s take a closer look at how the professional black widow control process works.

Locating nests

The control process will start with the identification of the main areas of spider activity. To start, this will allow the pro to kill off the widows that are out and about. Then, the pro might also be able to identify some nests and then remove them as well.

Implementing preventive measures

With the visible spiders and nests out of the way, it’s time to take care of the spiders that are not out in the open. In order to do this, a pro will install residual insecticides in areas such as the basement, the attic, inside wall voids or inside crawl spaces. The residual insecticides stay active for up to six months and they kill spiders on contact. They are installed in these regions of the home, because spiders use them to travel regularly. These insecticides also count for prevention of spiders and other insects, because of the amount of time that they stay active.

Do you have a black widow infestation in your home?

Black widows are very dangerous spiders, with bites that can land people in the hospital, and in rare cases, even lead to death. As such, you should not try to remove a black widow infestation or even a single spider by yourself. Instead, you should get in touch with a pest control pro as soon as possible.

The pro will have extensive knowledge of black widow behavior, and be able to find many of the spiders and their nests that are active in the home. This is an important step of the process, because black widows tend to be reclusive and hide inside clothes, shoes, and clutter, which is why most bites happen as someone in the home inadvertently touches the widow. Then once they are cleared out of the common areas, the insecticide will be applied, and most if not all of the spiders in the home should be dead.

For more information on the black widow control process, or if you have a black widow infestation in your home, contact us today.