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The Tiny Jumping Bugs That Often Migrate Into Homes From Grass Lawns, And How To Prevent Infestations

Springtails are one of the smallest insect pests that commonly infest homes in all areas of the US. These insects thrive in moisture, and they are naturally abundant in grassy residential lawns where they can sometimes be seen hopping into the air. Springtails are often encountered in compost bins, garden mulch, and in damp areas within homes, particularly basements, cellars, bathrooms, and kitchens. Springtails are always found in large numbers, but they are nearly microscopic at only 1 mm in body length. While these insect pests are most problematic during the spring and summer seasons, they can invade homes all year round in areas located in the far south. Springtails are common pests throughout Texas, and they are generally active for most of the year in Waco.

Since springtails rely heavily on moisture in order to survive, they often invade homes in massive numbers during bouts of dry weather. When this occurs, springtails congregate in the moistest indoor areas that they can find. These insects reproduce rapidly under normal climatic conditions, but when conditions are properly humid, their reproduction rates increase to the point where as many as 100,000 springtails can become established in every cubic yard of residential lawn grass. When their population numbers become particularly high, springtails tend to invade homes where significant numbers can be found around windows, doors, flooring and just about anywhere, making them a serious nuisance. It is not uncommon for residents to find millions of springtails on the surface of swimming pool water, but their tiny size makes them look like specks of dirt floating on the surface. Springtails are also well known pests of potted plants, and it is not uncommon for residents to inadvertently transport infested potted plants into their home. In order to prevent springtail invasions, damp conditions resulting from rainwater or pipe leaks should be eliminated, and cracks and other small entry points on the exterior walls of homes should be sealed. In some circumstances, applying insecticides around the perimeter of properties becomes necessary to keep springtails at bay.

Have you ever found numerous tiny insects in your home that hopped into the air like fleas?

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