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Thousands Of Bats Were Discovered Dwelling Beneath A Home’s Shingles

Some people have never had to contact a pest control operator or a Bat Removal specialist before in their lives, but very few people can claim to never have had an unwanted encounter with some form of wildlife while in their home. When encountering a wild animal indoors, some people panic while others focus on getting rid of the varmint. Of course, not everyone is brave enough to attempt wildlife removal on their own, but in some cases, a house can become overwhelmed with unwelcome visitors from the wild, making removal by a non-professional an impossibility. One real-life example of such a scenario occurred within a home located in Miami, Florida back in 2011. The home was infested with bats, thousands of them, in fact. What is even more surprising is the fact that the family inhabiting the home had been sharing their living space with the bats for three full years before finally having them professionally removed.

The bat-infested Miami home became famous on Youtube after a video was posted showing thousands of bats fleeing from the roof. Since the video was posted it has gathered nearly 8 million views. The owners of the home suspected that they may have had a few bats living in their crawl space, but they never expected a bat-infestation of such massive proportions. Apparently, the infestation was discovered by accident after professionals like roofing companies austin tx removed Spanish tile shingles with the intention of installing a new metal roof.

Once the shingles came off, thousands of bats flew into the sky, which must have been a surprise to the team of roofers. According to the homeowner, the bats had been living beneath the shingles for three years, which must have allowed them to reproduce until their living space became full. The bats had been quite the attraction for nearby residents, as every Halloween neighboring kids would visit the home in order to sneak a peek at the bat population in the home’s crawl space. Despite the clear infestation below the home’s floorboard, the family only heard occasional bat-chirps before the shingles were removed. Although, the homeowner can be credited for his fearlessness, most people would probably feel inclined to contact a pest control professional if their house became a bat-attraction.

Have you ever had a bat infestation in your home? If so, did they access your home through a chimney?

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