A Personalized Approach

Thank you for taking a glance at what iGrout has to offer! Our team will professionally serve your grout needs and more – no job is too big, or too small. We’re a local, family-owned and operated business bringing over 40 years of professional experience to our projects. iGrout Solutions Waco takes pride in delivering exceptional service and look forward to transforming your home or business – our transformations will FLOOR you!



iGrout Solutions Waco Color Seal Protection for up to 15 years | Grout Services

Excellence and Professionalism

We begin the process by scheduling an appointment to evaluate your grout cleaning. The Lead Operator will visit your home and provide you a free estimate within 24 hours! Our estimates will assist, guide and provide suggestions for your home or business grout needs. We realize your time is valuable, and the average estimate takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Once services have been selected, our team will quickly schedule your project and be there for you each step of the way! Post-care recommendations will be provided at the completion of your project.