What Makes A Particular House Attractive To Destructive Termites?

What Makes A Particular House Attractive To Destructive Termites?

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Termites are well known for damaging a variety of different types of homes. Termites can attack homes in poorer neighborhoods just as easily as they can in wealthier neighborhoods. Obviously, termites are attracted to and feed on wood, but even homes that are constructed from non-wood materials can become infested with termites. Of course, there are several factors that make homes more or less vulnerable to damaging termite activity. For example, many neighborhoods within the termite hotspot of New Orleans have fallen victim to large-scale termite infestations. New Orleans and many other regions along the Gulf Coast are plagued by damaging Formosan subterranean termites solely because the region’s subtropical climate is conducive to their existence. Therefore, just about any type of home is at risk of sustaining termite damage in this large region of the United States. To put it simply, no matter how well-protected your home may be against invading termites, infestations can sneak up on you.

Although you may have your home regularly inspected for termites, some of the most obscure imperfections to your home can serve as access points for termites. For example, cracks on concrete slabs can become large enough for termites to fit through. Small hairline cracks commonly develop on concrete. The smallest hairline cracks will not allow for termite-access, but larger ones can provide an opening for termites. When considering a termite’s tiny body, it may seem impossible for termites to fit through cracks in cement, but termites commonly access homes through this route.

Inadequate property grades can also be an issue when it comes to protecting your home from termites. If rainwater flows through your lawn and collects in a large puddle on your property, the resulting water can trickle down through the soil, thus diluting previous chemical anti-termite treatments. Replacing soil insecticides with large amounts of fresh water will only attract more thirsty termites to your property. You can also help keep termites off of your property by regularly unclogging your gutters in order to properly divert water from your lawn and by being more mindful about where you place your lawn sprinkler.

Do you think that if more people were aware of how desirable water is to termites, then reports of in-home termite infestations would drop?