What To Do About Ants In The Wall

What To Do About Ants In The Wall

When ants set up inside the home, they will usually do so inside of the walls. This can make them more difficult to control, but there are still plenty of effective options that can be used to remove an infestation.

Which ant species set up inside the wall?

There are multiple ant species that prefer to set up inside wall voids when they build their colonies indoors. Most of these species are harmless, and if you do not leave any food out in the open, it’s likely that you will never know that they even exist. However, some of the species that prefer this location can be very bad news.

For example, you have the carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are the one ant species that can cause serious damage to the home. These ants will build their colonies inside the wood of the home, which makes them similar to termites. Obviously you never want them in your home, but they can be easily detected when they are out foraging, because they are much larger than other ant species.

Then there are the fire ants. Having a fire ant colony inside the walls is like having to deal with a wasp colony indoors, because the workers are all equipped with stings, and they are quite aggressive whenever they or the colony is threatened. Having these ants in the home means that you can get too close to the wall, and the fire ants will swarm out and start stinging you.

Pharaoh ants are also another very unpleasant species. These ants are yellow and very small, and they build colonies with multiple queens. This makes them very hard to remove once they set up. However, the real threat posed by pharaoh ants is the fact that they can spread diseases and pathogens including those that cause food poisoning.

How to deal with ants in the walls

If you notice ants in the home, there is a chance that they have set up in the walls. In most situations, this is not a big cause for concern, unless the ants are constantly present in the home. However, if you notice yellow, red or very large ants in the home, then you have a real problem. In this situation, you want to call over a pest control professional as soon as possible. Contact us today if you have an ant infestation on your property, and we can help you remove it.