When Bees Are Pests | Waco Bee Control Experts

When Bees Are Pests | Waco Bee Control Experts

Bees are generally seen as beneficial insects, given the fact that they produce honey and that they are an important part in the pollination process. However, even bees can be pests in certain situations. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

Circumstances in which bees can be a problem

Bees can be pests when you have a large number of flowers in your lawn. Bees will go out to pollinate these flowers, and if you happen to walk around, you will likely disturb the bees and they will attack.

Commercial and hobby beekeepers will use box-like hives to breed bees and cultivate their honey. When these hives become overcrowded, the bees will start to swarm, sending out large groups to look for new nesting locations. These swarms may set up temporarily on a tree branch or a house wall before they move on to a more permanent spot. These swarms can be dangerous when agitated. The bees may also opt to set up their long-term colony inside of a hollow tree in your yard, or even worse, inside the walls of your home.

Controlling a bee infestation

Bee hives can be an issue, because bees, like wasps, will start attacking anyone that gets too close to the nest. So it’s best to leave the nest to the professionals, who can be either beekeepers or pest control specialists. In certain areas, you can get in touch with a beekeeper who will be happy to get the nest off your property and add it to his collection.

However, even though you cannot do much about the nest, you can create certain spaces which are pretty much inaccessible to bees. For this you have bee traps, baits and repellents. Bee traps are designed to draw in bees and either kill them or capture them to be released later. Repellents often come in spray form, and these can be used on surfaces or in the air to drive bees away. Finally, you have baits, which work like traps, except baits are designed to always kill the bees.

If you do have a nest on your property and you need to get rid of it fast, contact us right away. We are able to deal with any stinging insects that may be on your property, bees included, and safely remove them. For more information about pricing and what the pest control process entails, get in touch with us today.