When Mice Set Up Beneath The Floorboards

When Mice Set Up Beneath The Floorboards

One of the big issues with mouse infestations is that the mice will go into hard to reach areas and then start causing damage in there. For example, they may go into wall voids and eat the insulation, or they may go under the floorboards and start chewing on various electrical wires. In this article, we’re going to cover how the mouse control process unfolds when the rodents set up under the floorboards.

To start, the pro will locate all the mouse entrances and exit holes, along with other areas of high levels of mouse activity. These areas will usually have a lot of droppings in them, and they are usually located near food sources. Then, the pro will place traps or poisons, depending on the size of the infestation, on the pathways between the entry points and the high-activity areas.

For smaller infestations, traps will do the job, but usually, poisons are much more effective. Poisons do have their own drawbacks, such as being a hazard to pets and children, and having to find the carcasses of the dead mice in order to remove them, but when you are dealing with a large infestation, poisons are your best bet.

Once the infestation has been eliminated, the cleanup part of the control process starts. This is when the dead mice are removed from the home, along with their droppings. The pro may also seal all the entry points that were discovered during the inspection process to prevent infestations from happening in the future.

If you are dealing with a small infestation, you can implement this process yourself, but the issue is that most mouse infestations go undetected until they become quite large, at which point you can save yourself a lot of headache (and probably some money) by hiring a pro to remove the infestation, help with the cleanup process and then implement preventative measures that will ensure that your home stays mouse free for a very long time.

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