Why Are Pests Entering Into Your Home?

Are you noticing the occasional American roach running across the floor, a few ants in the kitchen getting into your sugar, or maybe even some rodent droppings in the back of the silverware drawer ? 

There are several pest problems you face day to day.  Not only are they uncomfortable to see and look at but they can sting, destroy your home and carry disease making you sick.

Let’s talk about some things you can do as a homeowner to help prevent this from happening.

1) Eliminate places for them to HIDE

Insects love places they can hide to protect themselves from predators. Do you have landscaping timbers, rocks or mulch next to your home?  These can be major areas of concern for insects living, hiding and reproducing.

2) Trim tree limbs and bushes that are against any walls

Insects thrive in trees and bushes.  Whether they are looking for other insects to feed on, eating sap produced by the tree or hiding in tree bark, plants provide a great atmosphere for insects to thrive.  Trimming trees and bushes away from the house to prevent insects from having an all access “highway” into your home will greatly reduce pest living around your home.  Not only is this true for insects but rodents factor into this as well.  Having limbs touch the roof make it extremely easy for rodents to find their way in your home.

3) Seal all windows and doors

Weather stripping is very important when it comes to protecting yourself from critters getting in. If light is coming through the bottom of your door an insect can get through. Not only insects, but mice and rats can also get in. Did you know that a mouse can get through a hole the size of a dime or bigger and rat can get through anything the size of a quarter or bigger? Though it seems like a minute hole to us an insect sees a wide-open space to get in and out. So next time you are walking through your home take a minute to check on your doors and windows. If you notice that your windows are not looking well sealed or are even broken and in need of replacement, it’s time to act now to prevent pests. Services from this arizona windows and doors company is a great way to replace your windows and prevent an invasion of pests.

Insect Barrier Treating

What is insect barrier treating?  Insect barrier treating is providing a barrier around the outside of your home preventing pest from entering.  Several measures of control are put in place including sealing off entry points (mechanical control) and applying a band around the outside of the home helping prevent insects from making their way in.  When applying a band around your home the technician will focus on all areas susceptible to entry.  Those areas include window, doorways, weep holes and eves.  By providing an effective barrier, insects will find no way in.

How often should you have this done?

iPest, through years of field testing recommends treating your home on a quarterly rotation (once every 3 months).  With the environmental conditions we have in Central Texas and the advances in chemistry, insecticides should protect you about 3 months before you start noticing insects again.  What if you see the bugs come back before your regular quarterly service is due?  No worry, we guarantee our service so if your bugs come back so do we.

I hope this information helps you in your journey of a pest free zone.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our pest control packages please give us a call.  For any and all your pest control needs call iPest! 254-855-6647