Why Do Paper Wasps Keep Coming Back?

Why Do Paper Wasps Keep Coming Back?

Wasps are summertime pests. Dealing with these pesky pests is annoying as they can create havoc inside and outside your property. Have you ever thought about why these wasps loved your property to build their nests? Let me modify the question and make it simple for you. Why do paper wasps keep coming back to your property?

We have answers to all these questions. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Things that attract wasps:

If you have seen plenty of wasps flying in and around your property, there is something that attracts them. It can be any of the five things below:

Safe refuge:

One of the reasons why wasps are scouting around your home is to find a safe refuge. Wasps can build their nests inside the insulated walls, crevices, hidden cracks, and cavities.

After mating with the Queen wasps, male wasps die-off. It makes the Queen wasps take charge to find suitable nests. Staying inside the walls will help them to stay safe from predators. They can also hibernate during the winters and snug inside the comfort of your home.

Wasps aren’t particular when it comes to building a nest. However, they do prefer a place with having a supply of weathered wood. For instance, paper wasps use wood fibers and saliva to construct their nests.

Insect Availability:

After hibernating in winter, the wasps will emerge and come out in summer. Summer months are crucial for them as they hunt for food for their survival. So, if your garden has a good amount of insects, you can expect uninvited guests.

Leftover meat:

During their hunting sprees in the summer and winter seasons, they look to have some leftover meat. Wasps like protein-rich food so, the leftover meat and other sources in the trash bag can be the delicious meal for the wasps.

If you are grilling some food for the barbecue party, have a look around yourself as the wasps may sneak into the food on your plate. The wasps are here to have your food and not to attack you.

Sweet foods:

Wasps have taste buds just like humans. As the winter comes, they will change their heart and switch to sweet foods. The wasps will fly around the fallen fruits if you have trees around your house.

Even the soda and fruit juice cans are no exceptions. The wasps will dive into these cans if they get the chance.


Don’t be surprised if the wasps swarm in and around your house if you have plenty of flowering plants. Wasps are attracted to flowers because of the nectar that provides them with food, and the other is that wasps love the fragrance of flowers. It means that if you are wearing scented perfumes and floral print clothes, wasps are attracted towards you as well.

Call a pest control professional:

Wasps aren’t highly dangerous and won’t bother you. However, it is unwise to ignore their presence as it can lead to wasp infestation in and around your home. Consult the professional pest control experts to know about how to prevent them from coming back.