Why Your Baits Aren’t Capturing Rats

Why Your Baits Aren’t Capturing Rats

Whether you use traps or poisons to control a rat infestation, baits are essential. Without proper baiting, and without understanding why rats are not taking the bait, any control effort will be unsuccessful. In this article, we’re going to go over the various baiting strategies that can improve your success rate.

Rat paranoia

Rats are very paranoid and they tend to avoid anything that is new in their environment. This means that even if you position your baits perfectly and you use the right type of bait, the rats may still be reluctant to approach them. Instead they will opt for food sources that they’ve eaten from repeatedly and which have been proven safe. On top of that, if the rats see another rat die in a trap or after eating some poisoned bait, they will avoid that type of food and that area in the future. This is one of the reasons why traps do not really work when dealing with large infestations.

The most effective bait types

It’s a common misconception that rats are really attracted to cheese. However, this is not the case. In fact, cheese ranks fairly low when compared to other types of food. What rats really enjoy eating are foods that are high in sugar, protein and fats. So sausages, candy, and especially peanut butter. You can increase the effectiveness of your baits by using foods that rats prefer.

Working with a pro

The best way to make sure that a rat infestation is removed as quickly as possible, is to work with a pro. Pros will have all the tools and the expertise needed to make sure that a rat infestation is removed fully, and some companies will offer extra services that will prevent future infestations. Some companies will also offer cleanup services, which is a big concern after poisons are used to remove an infestation.

Hiring a pro to deal with a rat infestation can also insure that the odds of reinfestation in the future are low, because certain pros can implement preventive measures around the home. These measures usually include the sealing of all the cracks and gaps that can be used to gain access to the building.

For more information on how to bait rats properly, or if you currently have a rat infestation in your home, contact us today.