Woman Is Choosing To Cover Herself In Thousands Of Live Bees For Her Maternity Photos?

Having a baby is normally not a decision that women make lightly. While many important and meaningful events will occur within any woman’s life, many women claim that having a baby is the most significant and joyous event of all. This is certainly understandable, as bringing another human being into this world is not a trivial matter. In order to celebrate an expectant baby, western cultures often hold baby showers, and it is not uncommon for pregnant women to have professional maternity photos (using a maternity photographer like the one found at olgatopchii.com) taken in order to memorialize their child’s prenatal life. All maternity photos feature the expecting mother’s baby bump along with other details that reveal certain aspects of the mother’s character. These personal aspects are often expressed in the expecting mother’s choice of attire. For example, some mothers may choose to dress in clothes that will seem aesthetically pleasing to their newborns, while other mothers may dress as Wonder Woman in order to express their enthusiasm for cosplay. One particular pregnant woman has recently taken part in a Cleopatra-themed maternity photo shoot. In addition to dressing like the ancient Egyption ruler, this woman posed with thousands of bees that covered various parts of her body.Waco Bee Removal

Emily Mueller is a 34 year old expecting mother who chose to pose with 16,000 bees for her maternity photos. This sounds dangerous, but most people will be relieved to learn that Mueller is a practicing beekeeper. However, after Mueller’s first shoot, she sustained a sting on her eye from one of the 16,000 bees. Therefore, Mueller chose to lower the number of bees to 12,000 for her second shoot…you know, just to be safe. Mueller chose a bee-themed photo shoot in order to celebrate the success of her beekeeping company. Last year, Mueller and her husband, Ryan, founded Mueller Honey Bee Rescue. Mueller also chose to pose with bees due to the positive public response that her last bee-themed maternity photos generated. Last September, Mueller posed for a photo that featured 20,000 live bees on her bare belly while she was several months pregnant with her previous child. For the latest maternity photos, Mueller’s body is spray painted gold to resemble Cleopatra, but instead of wearing a wig, she used live bees to stand in for her hair. In order to coax the bees into landing on her head, Mueller first positioned a queen bee on her scalp and then proceeded to wait until the rest of the colony surrounded the queen. Mueller used this same tactic in order to collect bees on other parts of her body.

Do you think that even a professional beekeeper is being reckless by posing with live bees while pregnant?

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